The Rosemont Artists Guild of Maine is a group of over 30 artists and craftspeople who live, work or play in the Rosemont neighborhood of Portland, Maine.

About us

We are a Guild of Makers.

We are driven by a seemingly innate, unstoppable urge to create things with our hands.

We have a need to connect with others who share a desire to express our unique, original, creative ideas, and…

We all live, work, or play in the Rosemont Neighborhood of Portland, Maine.

Most of us describe memories from our childhood of spending hours lost in blissful play with materials such as wood, paint, fabric and clay. As adults, we hold strong to this natural inclination to get lost in creative expression.

Some of us went to art school, some of us did not.

Some of us work in two-dimensional media, some of us work in 3-D.

Some of us have honed our craft to just one media, others explore multiple means of expressing ideas with a variety of materials.

Some of us show and sell in galleries, some sell at craft fairs or online, and some of us wholesale.

Some of us have published our work, others have yet to share their work with the public.

Some of us work in a studio, others at a kitchen table.

Some of us work full-time at our art, others work hard to maintain creative balance with a full-time job.

Some of us call ourselves artists and craftsmen, others consider themselves hobbyists or art enthusiasts.

Regardless of the past, present, or future of our practice, we have come together as a Guild for the sake of connection and to offer inspiration, knowledge, and resources to each other. 

The Guild is able to accept a limited number of new members each year. For more information about joining the Guild, click here.

Let's Connect